Daniel Belcher – Safe Solo Ltd – your chauffeur partner

Dan Belcher CDS user

Chauffeur Drive Systems is a cloud-based chauffeur system that provides extensive networking and international features. Daniel Belcher of Safe Solo Ltd is one of our more recent users on our chauffeur software platform, and this is a bit about him, the service he provides, and how he utilises our software. “I founded Safe Solo due […]

Chauffeur Drive Systems Ltd – Integration with GNet (GRIDD technologies)

Chauffeur Drive Systems - integration with GNet (GRIDD technologies)

Chauffeur Drive systems is thrilled to announce the integration of GNet – the global dispatch integration platform, into its core suite of features offered in its cloud-based chauffeuring dispatch and management platform. GNet is the industry solution for transferring booking and trip information between global booking and management systems. Allowing the sending and receiving of […]

CDS move office – Codebase Stirling

Mia in new CDS office

Today we are celebrating our 4th office move within the Codebase building in Stirling. We moved into Stirling Codebase about 3 1/2 years ago. Codebase is a technology community in Scotland, with three incubators for up and coming technology companies, Stirling, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Our building in Stirling is one of the prettiest buildings in […]

Number Masking – New feature of our chauffeur software

Chauffeur and Limousine Software

We are surprised when people say they haven’t heard of us, or they don’t know what we do! Also, when they say that all chauffeuring software is much of a muchness, and that we all do the same thing. We don’t! So we want to explain our features in short video form, starting with Number […]

What can CDS CONNECT do for your business?

Review of CDS CONNECT by user

With the chauffeuring industry evolving all the time, it is increasingly apparent that networking, collaborating and sharing work with like minded operators is essential. In our chauffeur software we offer, in our standard suite of features, the ability to network with your selected and vetted partners. In September alone, 300 jobs were shared within our […]

Digitisation is a must for powering your company recovery

Colin Bennett CDS user

Adoption of technology is a must for powering up business recovery after the covid pandemic. It is widely believed that the economic recovery will be strong, but the companies who embrace the migration from pen and diary to IT, will grab the lions share of the spoils. Some companies don’t want to invest in IT, […]

Implementing Chauffeur software on the Road to Recovery

With an acceleration of digital adoption within organisations, your software is your competitive advantage.  What can your Chauffeur or Limousine company do, to ensure your company not only survives but thrives, in the post-COVID-19 world? For a successful recovery, companies must bring a mixture of qualities to their plan, such as innovation, imagination, flexibility, and […]

CDS – How we use Virtual Numbers to protect you and your client.

When you use virtual phone numbers, you set up a communication link between your driver and client, meaning that they can call or message the other, without giving away their personal numbers. This private and secure connection helps connect both parties and keeps you, as company owner, in control over the connection. With CDS, you […]


Junction 21 Chauffeurs – John Byrne CEO A bit of background into one of our valued CDS users, Junction 21 Chauffeurs. Based in Rochdale, servicing the Greater Manchester and Northwest of England area and beyond. Junction 21 prides itself on its outstanding reputation.  One of their proudest moments was being the first chauffeuring company to […]

Is your Chauffeuring business future ready?

The current lockdown restrictions imposed globally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is having huge detrimental consequences for business. What action can you take now to give your business the best chance of survival, and for it to even thrive? Most of the business worldwide is struggling, but this is a temporary situation, life will go […]